Modulo - novelty

Premium heaters that conform to your bench layout.
The Modulo is available as an open-sided version that shows off its beautiful stone surface, as a closed-side version with sleek steel sides, and as a combination of these. The sleek steel side has the benefit of smaller safety distances and its ability to prevent water splashes, which makes the Modulo the ultimate heater for corner installations.

If you prefer, the Modulo is available as an open-sided combi heater (heater with an integrated steamer). A combi heater is the right choice for bathers who appreciate a soft and humid bath and an aromatic atmosphere.

There is alo a pillar model of Harvia Modulo heater. Pillar model has four design options:

•Open grid around the stove
•Open grid to left side
•Open grid to right side
•Open grid to front

All designs are available in black and steel.

Smaller models can be equipped with safety railings and protec­tive glass walls. The stylish glass wall also keeps any water splashes under control.

Easy installation and maintenance.
Harvia Modulo heaters are easy to install. The heating elements are separated from the stones, which results in long heating element life span, and if they have to be replaced, it is a quick and easy task. Other service operations have also been considered from the very beginning to make them simple and straightforward.

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