Protective sheath - novelty

Protective sheaths for woodburning stoves
The protective sheaths for woodburning stoves significantly shorten the safety distances to burning material – in practice, this helps the stove fit into a smaller space. The protective sheath is attached to the stove and shaped around it, which makes the whole stove look sleeker. Each stove model has its own protective sheath, which is why no compromises were necessary in the development of the design or the protection capability. They also have an excellent price/performance ratio.

The protective sheath is available both as a full version and as a one-side sheath, which can be installed on either side of the stove. The material used in protective sheaths is a steel plate painted black. If the floor also needs shielding, the black protective bedding WL100 is a solution that goes well with the stove’s style.

The Harvia protective sheath is approved for the following Harvia products:

  • WL400 / WL450 = M1, M2, M3/SL
  • WL425 / WL475 = Linear 16/16
  • WL525 / WL575 = Linear 22/22
  • WL500 / WL550 = 20 Pro/SL/Duo, 20 Boiler/20 SL Boiler
  • WL500 / WL590 = 20 RS/LS Pro
  • WL600 / WL650 = 20 ES Pro/S
  • WL700 / WL750 = 26 Pro
  • WL800 / WL850 = 36/36 Duo

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