Perfect sauna enjoyment 24/7

The always-ready Finnish Harvia Forte heater provides you with a perfect moment of relaxation in no time at all to punctuate your hectic schedule. The Forte is Harvia’s innovative version of the heat-storing electric heater, combining top-of-the-range heater technology with a sleek design. Just grab a towel, lift the Forte’s cover and climb onto the bench to enjoy humid and gentle steam. Welcome to a stress-free zone 24/7.
The Forte is equipped with a separate splash-proof control panel. Thanks to the separate control panel, the Forte is extremely well-suited for being embedded into a bench. The Forte’s new properties provide family saunas with a sense of safety. The heater will turn off automatically if you forget to close the cover, and the control panel has a keypad lock. The new ECO mode saves electricity, as it allows you to adjust the heater’s temperature to a very low setting without turning off the heater.

•New processor – longer life cycle
•Automatic shut down if the lid is left open
•Eco-mode – the temperature drops but the heater won’t turn off
•Temperature and timingadjustments in all modes
•The keypad lock adds the sense of security in family saunas

Forte models AFB4, AFB6 and AFB9.

Quick instruction guide for Forte


Embedding flange HAF1
Installation instructions

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