Electric heaters

The quality and safety of Harvia heaters are based on the use of first-rate materials, backed by a proprietary production technique and meticulous quality control. Stainless steel is used extensively in making the heaters. All Harvia heaters come with an exceptionally efficient air-circulation system which warms up the heater and the sauna quickly while producing an even temperature.

With its wide range of heaters, Harvia offers you the opportunity to choose the right heater to your needs. Added enjoyment is provided by a correctly designed sauna room.

Selecting the heater output

Remember that the walls and particularly the ceiling of an electrically heated sauna room requires efficient thermal insulation. One square metre of stone, glass or similar non-insulated surface increases the heater power requirement as much as if the sauna room cubage were increased by 1,2 m3. If the internal sauna room wall consists of non-insulated log, multiply the cubic volume of sauna by 1,5. Also, pay close attention to sauna room ventilation. An efficient air circulation ensures that the bathers can enjoy a clean indoor air that is easy to breathe.

Heaters for small saunas


Delta EE

Delta Combi

Vega Compact

Cilindro PC66/66E

Family sauna heaters


Cilindro, Cilindro H and Cilindro F



Topclass Combi


Vega Lux


Virta Combi

Cilindro EE and Cilindro HEE



Cilindro 110EE and Cilindro 110HEE


Heaters for commercial saunas




Modulo - novelty


Virta Pro - novelty

Senator Combi

Virta Pro Combi - novelty

Cilindro Pro 100E/PC135E

Cilindro Pro 165E/200E

Hidden Heater

Club Combi


Extra equipment

Sauna Steamer

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