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Steam room differs from a traditional Finnish sauna in that its temperature is lower and the air humidity higher. The air humidity rises to a hundred per cent, while the temperature remains at 40–45 degrees. Instead of a traditional sauna heater, the heat source in a steam room is a steam generator. With modern technology, steam rooms can be easily installed also in homes. Please note, however, that the wall, ceiling, and seat material in a steam room must be completely waterproof.

The steam room, similarly to the traditional sauna relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation, and provides relief for many kinds of aches and pains. Breathing steam is a traditional cure for the cold - and for a stuffy nose in particular. A relaxing moment in a steam room relieves stress and eases the mind, which may also help sleeping problems, making sleep deeper and more soothing.

Interior elements for spas and steam rooms – now from Harvia
Harvia Spa Modules offer an easy and effective way to implement the furnishings and structures of even the most demanding spa destinations. The manufacturing method can also be scaled down effectively for home steam rooms, spas and shower recesses – in almost any form imaginable.

Harvia offers the products you need for equipping a spa or a steam room.

Harvia Spa Modules: Steam rooms





Basic steam rooms

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Steam generators

Harvia HGX

Harvia HGP

Accessories for steam rooms

Steam nozzle

Fragrance for steam room

Aluminium frame door

Cupola curved doors

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