Your sauna – an oasis of good feeling.

Harvia saunas are comprehensive solutions. You get Harvia's high-quality products, aesthetic design and easy assembly - all in the same package, from the same supplier. Create your own unique sauna experience with Harvia.

Harvia – everything you need for your sauna.
Harvia's comprehensive collection comprises everything from high-quality standard products to exquisite special products. Harvia design takes modern human needs as well as the demands of heat and moisture in a sauna into careful consideration. You can choose from Variant, Rondium and Rubic indoor saunas and from one of our five alternative sauna interiors. Furnish your sauna exactly as you like it, with sauna heaters, lights, glass doors, windows, benches, panels, decorative stone walls and other Harvia products. Harvia provides you with the freedom and high-quality products to make your sauna a unique and beautiful oasis of good feeling.

A modern bathroom sauna is an ideal solution for small bathroom. A wide variety of materials and equipment allow you to create your own special style, just the way you want it. Select your favourite from Sirius, Capella or SmartFold models and pick the size which suits your purposes best. It is also possible to manufacture a tailor-made bathroom sauna according to your needs and wishes. Please contact your local dealer.

If you want to enjoy a genuine Finnish sauna in its more traditional form, you should choose a Harvia Outdoor sauna. Experience the enjoyment of a sauna in your garden or next to your swimming pool. Many unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

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