For wood-heated sauna

Feel the gentle warmth of the sauna and the revitalizing freshness of water – let all your senses be awakened.

A wood-heated sauna will allow you to enjoy the real, authentic Finnish sauna culture. Harvia combines the pleasant steam of the wood-heated sauna stove to the all-embracing, uncompromising sauna know-how that will make your sauna complete. Harvia offers a full range of products for the wood-heated sauna. Our product selection covers sauna stoves, water heaters, cauldrons, protective sheaths, steel chimney and smoke pipes.

Information about CE marking

Stoves for small saunas (6–13 m³)

Harvia Legend 150

Harvia M1

Harvia M3

Harvia M3 SL

Harvia Classic 140

Harvia Legend 150 SL

Harvia 16 – novelty

Harvia Linear 16 – novelty

Stoves for medium-sized saunas (8–24 m³)

Harvia Classic 220 Duo

Harvia Premium

Harvia Premium VS

Harvia Legend 240

Harvia 20 ES Pro and Pro S

Harvia Classic 220

Harvia Legend 240 SL

Harvia Legend 240 Duo

Harvia 20 SL Boiler

Harvia 20 Boiler

Harvia 20 LS Pro and Harvia 20 RS Pro – novelty

Harvia Linear 22 – novelty

Harvia Linear 22 ES - novelty

Harvia 20 SL

Harvia 20 Duo

Harvia 20 Pro

Harvia 22 – novelty

Harvia Linear 22 LS and Harvia Linear 22 RS – novelty

Stoves for large saunas (10–50 m³)

Harvia 26 Pro

Harvia Classic 280 Top

Harvia Classic 280

Harvia Legend 300

Harvia 36

Harvia Legend 300 Duo

Harvia 36 Duo

Harvia Classic 400 Top Duo

Harvia 50

Harvia 50 SL

Harvia Linear 28 - novelty

Pipes and chimneys

Smoke pipes

Steel chimney

Protective sheaths and beddings

Protective sheath and bedding

Legend protective sheath and bedding

Protective sheath - novelty

Legend smoke pipe cover

Harvia protective bedding

Cauldrons and water heaters

Harvia cauldron 50 L

Harvia cauldron 80 L

Pipe model water heater

Electric water heater

Sauna stones

Sauna stones