For wood-heated sauna

Feel the gentle warmth of the sauna and the revitalizing freshness of water – let all your senses be awakened.

A wood-heated sauna will allow you to enjoy the real, authentic Finnish sauna culture. Harvia combines the pleasant steam of the wood-heated sauna stove to the all-embracing, uncompromising sauna know-how that will make your sauna complete. Harvia offers a full range of products for the wood-heated sauna. Our product selection covers sauna stoves, water heaters, cauldrons, protective sheaths, steel chimney and smoke pipes.

Information about CE marking

Stoves for small saunas (6–13 m³)

Harvia Legend 150

Harvia M1

Harvia M3

Harvia M3 SL

Harvia Legend 150 SL

Harvia Linear 16 – novelty

Harvia 16 – novelty

Stoves for medium-sized saunas (8–24 m³)

Harvia Classic 220 Duo

Harvia Legend 240

Harvia 20 ES Pro and Pro S

Harvia Legend 240 SL

Harvia Legend 240 Duo

Harvia 20 SL Boiler

Harvia 20 Boiler

Harvia 22 – novelty

Harvia 20 LS Pro and Harvia 20 RS Pro – novelty

Harvia Linear 22 – novelty

Harvia 22 Steel

Harvia Linear 22 ES - novelty

Harvia 22 ES Steel

Harvia LS Steel & Harvia RS Steel

Harvia Linear 22 LS and Harvia Linear 22 RS – novelty

Harvia 20 SL

Harvia 20 Duo

Harvia 20 Pro

Stoves for large saunas (10–50 m³)

Harvia 26 Pro

Harvia Legend 300

Harvia 36

Harvia Legend 300 Duo

Harvia 36 Duo

Harvia 50

Harvia 50 SL

Harvia Finland

Harvia Linear 28 - novelty

Pipes and chimneys

Smoke pipes

Steel chimney

Protective sheaths and beddings

Legend protective sheath and bedding

Protective sheath - novelty

Legend smoke pipe cover

Harvia protective bedding

Cauldrons and water heaters

Harvia cauldron 50 L

Harvia cauldron 80 L

Pipe model water heater

Electric water heater

Legend water heater

Thermio water heater

Sauna stones

Sauna stones

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