Selecting heater

  • If the walls or ceiling of your sauna contain non-insulated stone/glass or equivalent surface, the heater will require more power.
  • For each non-insulated square meter, 1.2 cubic meters are added to the volume of the sauna.
  • If the interior wall of the sauna room is non-insulated log, the corresponding factor is 1.5.
  • Remember that the walls and ceiling in particular need to be very well insulated.
  • You should also pay attention to sauna room ventilation.
  • Efficient air circulation ensures that the bathers can enjoy clean air that is easy to breathe.

By using the calculator, you can find a suitable heater for your sauna. Fill in the required information and the calculator will tell you the calculatory volume of your sauna. By clicking the 'Search' button, the calculator will show which are the most suitable heaters for your sauna.

NOTE! Use a full stop (.) to separate decimals.

Sauna room size:
Width: m
Depth: m
Height: m
Volume in cubic meters:

Heater type:

Heater's voltage:

The heater is for Commercial use
I want a heater with a steamer function
I want a SL-model heater (for through-the-wall heating)

Add area in square meters if your sauna contains
  • A fire wall or non-insulated walls 
  • Windows or glass wall 
My sauna has a glass door
My sauna is made of log

The calculatory volume of the sauna:


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